Shop Clean-Crafted Wine

It's no secret that I love a good bottle of wine. What I didn't know until recently is that there are a lot of harmful chemicals (over 250 in most bottles) in quite a lot of the wines we consume. They cause headaches, stuffy noses, and can cause some wicked bad hangovers. 

I shared with a dear friend that my hot flashes were getting pretty bad and that I'd had to give up wine in an attempt to stop them or at least have them lessen in intensity. That's when she shared with me about Scout and Cellar wines.

Why scout and cellar?

Scout and Cellar pride themselves on providing clean wines without out all the harsh chemicals, and let me just say I find them quite tasty and my hot flashes are not any worse when I drink the wines. Woohoo!  I'm so grateful to Carol for introducing me to Scout and Cellar and I've signed up to spread the word about healthier options for those of us who love our wine.

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