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Wellness, Sip, and Wool #6

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Swag Bag option only available until July 14th, 2021. Class-only option available until August 20th, 2021.

For this event, I’m going to take some attendee advice and plan it around a theme! While September sounds far away, it’s really not at all. September means Sweater weather is just around the corner! Who doesn’t love the cozy feeling of a warm sweater? So, for September I’ve decided to do a large portion of the event concentrating on getting our sweater skills in order before the snow flies!

This event will have skills for the very beginner and beyond. We will be joined by some amazing Rockstar teachers. First, Cecelia Campochiaro will teach us about Sequence knitting. Then we’ll be joined by Mary Scott Huff, she will spend the majority of the event teaching as all of the ins and outs of knitting a lovely Norwegian sweater! Super fun! We’ll learn lots of new techniques, including colorwork, knitting two sleeves at a time, and then learning how to steek them as well as steeking your body of our sweater too. Then for all the finishing touches! When we’re finished you will have a Norwegian sweater to fit a baby-sized 6 -12 months. Please note that you will receive the entire kit as part of the swag for this event. If you choose the class-only option I will have a materials list for you.

We will also be joined by Jorstad Creek who is creating our sweater kits for a lovely trunk show. Kerry will be showing us all the pretty things! I love her yarn. I first met Kerry when I organized the Bazaar Girls Yarn store’s first retreat. I’ve got several knitted items from her yarn and a few skeins still in my stash!

Then, it wouldn’t be a WSW without Allie Geer I love how she helps us keep our bodies loose as we head into our busiest time of year for knitting.

Carol Green will be back with us after a short summer hiatus and will get us all ready to head into fall. She will teach us some of her Cozy Fall favorites that will allow us more time for knitting as we head toward the winter flavors!

As a reminder: For this event you will receive your entire sweater kit for Mary’s class. We will be using Jorstad Creek’s amazing Shuksan merino wool.

You will notice that this themed event will be centered mostly around the theme of sweaters. I would also like to note that while it may be a sweater-themed event there is always something to learn that will enhance our knitting skills for all types of projects. I hope that you’re ready to join us for a deep dive and learn new sweater skills. Mary is an exceptional teacher, not to mention that she’s super fun (and funny)! (She is also a professional comedienne- I love that!)

I look forward to seeing you in the virtual classroom this Fall!


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