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Wellness, Sip, and Wool #7

It will be one year in November that I began doing my virtual events! I, for one, can’t believe that a whole year has passed… It has been so much fun to meet and knit with all the knitters. We’ve had some amazing classes and learned from some of the top knitwear designers as well as wellness experts. I love the zoom platform and the way it’s allowing us to connect with one another! 

November will be our last virtual event for 2021. I’ve got a pretty wonderful line up planned to take us right up to the holidays! I hope that as summer winds down and we all get ready to hunker down for the holidays and winter that you’ll consider joining me virtually for Novembers classes. 

Our class lineup is stellar! We have Keith Leonard returning to teach and this time he’ll be doing our trunk show as well. We’ll also learn from Norah Gaughan, Steven Be, Sivia Harding and we’ll have a bonus class with Isabell Kraemer. In addition to all of the knitting we’ll have Allie Geer for Yoga and Chef Carol is returning to help us with our Holiday parties. To round out the event we’ll have The Highland Chocolatier returning to do a lovely milk chocolate tasting with us. I’ve asked him to share some wines we might pair with our chocolate for that holidays. Yay! 

I do hope that you’ll consider spending November with me virtually! I look forward to seeing you in class! 

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